Using Special Parameters to Create Year End Post

As I’m getting ready to do some posts that wrap up the year, I realized that there are a few special URL parameters that allow me to do fun things with topic hubs.  I particularly want to produce a post that shows my top posts for the year and top keywords for the year such as 2009 Top Posts and Topics.


The source= parameter allows me to see content from one particular source.  In my case, I’m always interested in content from my blog, so my URL should look like:

If you are a Featured Source, you can find your source via the link on the right side.  If you are not Featured but have your content on this site, then you should probably contact us to get that fixed.




These parameters allow you to specify a start and end date range for content.  So, for example, I can specify:

This will show me only content from that timeframe.   It will also show keywords that I’ve been talking about more during 2009 than during the past.

You might want to click the “More” link in the keywords to see more of the keywords that represent what you’ve been talking about this year.

More in Best (and a Bug)

When I’m viewing my blog’s content with the date range, I can scroll down to the “Best from eLearning Technology” where it shows the best content from my blog according to social signals.

There’s bug when I click the “More in Best” link in that it loses the date range, so I have to manually add it back to get the URL:

That contains my top posts for 2009.

So I can see my top posts include:

Best in Keywords

I can also go back and see my top posts for any particular keyword for the year.  By clicking “Work Skills” I get

Work Skills:


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