The Sales Association Launches SalesProCentral

The Sales Association has unveiled SalesProCentral generously sponsored by Leads360. The Sales Association is the premier professional society dedicated to sales and business development professionals. They are happy to launch SalesProCentral as an industry resource for their members and for non-members alike. Because of the generosity of Leads360, they have been able to provide the site free of charge.


SalesProCentral is the go to site and newsletter for sales and sales management professionals who want the latest and highest quality content aimed at helping improve sales performance. The site features content from over 50 of the sales industry’s key thought leaders including Nancy Nardin, Jill Konrath, Lori Richardson, Julie Hansen, Colleen Francis, Brian Vellmure, Miles Austin, Rick Schwartz, Dave Kurlan, and many others.

Using the Aggregage technology, SalesProCentral collects and organizes that content into topics and finds the best posts and articles using social signals. Readers will find great content on topics such as Inside Sales, Marketing, Prospecting, , Training, Tools, Sales Management, Customer Service , Lead Generation, and industry focus such as B2B Sales, Small Business, Education, Construction, and Travel.

As you can imagine, when you go to a topic like B2B Sales, you will find great content like:

The home page always shows the latest and greatest content coming out. You can also “change edition” to focus on content written today, yesterday, this week, this month, this year, or other date ranges. Some of the top items from SalesProCentral for this past month are:

You can subscribe to a daily or weekly feed of content and you can follow SalesProCentral on Twitter.

When you subscribe, the system will allow you to optional use its powerful personalization engine. When you do that, you can provide it your twitter and LinkedIn information to help it get going. From there it, it looks at people like you, your interests and other aspects to continually improve the relevance of what you see on the site and get in the newsletter. It’s pretty dang cool.

You can sign-up via the “Personalize Your Content” button on the right side of the interface shown to the right of the red arrow below.


If you are interested in great Sales Content, go sign-up now.

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