Two Professional Association Partners Launch New Sites

The Association of Management Consulting Firms (“AMCF”) and the Association of Information Technology Professionals – Los Angeles (“AITPLA”) have both recently launched sites using the Aggregage technology platform. The common element for both these professional associations is becoming the central location that collects and organizes highly relevant industry resources that are published across the web.   This is provided as a benefit to members and as a means of reaching non-members.  The Aggregage platform provides the perfect means for accomplishing just that. These two new sites bring the total number of sites in the Aggregage network to 17. These new sites join others such as B2B Marketing Zone, eLearningLearning and Sales Pro Central.

imageAMCF has launched Management Consulting Connection.  AMCF is the premier international association of firms engaged in the practice of management consulting. AMCF’s mission is to promote an environment which fosters the success of management consulting firms worldwide and the value they deliver to their clients. For AMCF which utilizes value-driven program, research and communications to further its goals, Management Consulting Connection becomes an important part of their offering to help management consulting firm management stay on top of the issues that affect their success. The site features highly-focused content from over 50 leading industry thought leaders including Steven Shu, Tom Spencer, and Jason Parks.  Some of the topics covered by these top writers includes Social Media, Sales, and Leadership.

AITPLA has launched Information Technology Zone. The Association of Information Technology Professionals is the leading worldwide society of professionals in information technology who’s mission is to champion the human element of the Information Technology profession by providing a community of knowledge, education and resources that empower members to reach their true potential as IT professionals.  AITPLA looks at Information Technology Zone as being a go-to site for IT professionals who want and need to find the latest industry information on a timely imagebasis and in one easy-to-use location. Information Technology Zone features content from over 60 highly recognized IT industry writers including Jim Anderson and Ben Gourley. Some of the top posts in the last month include:

The strengths of the Aggreage platform for both these sites is the ability to aggregate and curate all of this great content so that it’s useful to readers. It’s not just that the home page shows the best of the latest content, but that readers can dig down through relevant keywords, or timeframes, to find the information they’re looking for. Even better than that, is the platform’s use of the audience’s social signals to understand, and display, what is the best of all the content available. Then taking into account each reader’s interests and preferences, the Aggregage platform delivers the most relevant content for each reader, not just the whole audience, on the site if the reader is a registered user, and through a newsletter that can be received daily, weekly or monthly.

When you subscribe, the system enables use of its powerful personalization engine. When you do that, you can provide your Twitter and/or LinkedIn information to help it get going. From there it, it looks at people like you, your interests and other aspects to continually improve the relevance of what you see on the site and get in the newsletter. Cool is an understatement.

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