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Aggregage creates online communities by centralizing content from the best blogs around particular topics. We identify a topic (Careers, Beer, Leadership, etc), find high-quality blogs around that topic, and then display their posts on a new site dedicated to that given topic.

After we aggregate these blog posts on a site, we organize them by keywords and by popularity – so that site visitors can easily filter through all the information and find exactly what they want. Readers no longer have to manually go from blog to blog to find relevant information, nor do they have to spend time looking for the best blogs to add to their RSS readers.

Bloggers working with us get free traffic, increased visibility, and other benefits, and since we only display links to posts, their content does not get diluted or duplicated.

Sponsors of our communities get brand exposure, high-quality leads, SEO benefits and improved blogger relations.  Contact sales@aggregage.com if you are interested in sponsoring a community.