Site Network

Aggregage is always adding to our network of content communities.  There are literally hundreds of topics with the kind of excellent and engaging content that readers want, but don’t always have the time to hunt down and find for themselves.

As an example, eLearning Learning is one of the largest sites on the topic of eLearning.  It gets more than 50K visitors and 100K page views each month.  Many of the visitors come in via search.  The sponsors regularly get hundreds of clicks each month that convert into leads via white paper and webinar regwalls.   It’s these kinds of results that have our sponsors saying:

“The best ROI for any marketing channel.”

Mike Abercrombie – CEO, DevelopMentor

One site in a recent month enabled the sponsor to receive:

  • 42,000 page views – brand impressions
  • 21,000 new visitors exposed to the brand mostly through B2B long tail searches,
  • 1,800 clicks to corporate web site
  • 72 leads

The lead quality and conversion rate are superior to the organic search that comes directly to the corporate web site.

This represents the lowest cost, best return marketing channel for this company.  As a result, they have greatly reduced their paid search expenditure.

Here are some of the content communities in the Aggregage network:

  1. Business Innovation Brief
  2. Customer Experience Update
  3. Event Pro Update
  4. Product Management Today
  5. Online Retail Today
  6. Human Resources Today
  7. EdTech Update
  8. Supply Chain Brief
  9. Recruiting Brief
  10. Ceramic Central
  11. Project Management Update
  12. Virtual Reality Pulse
  13. Public Relations Today
  14. 3D Print Pulse
  15. Information Technology Zone
  16. Management Consulting Connection
  17. Professional Constructor Central
  18. AssociationUniverse
  19. Sales Pro Central
  20. Social Media Informer
  21. eLearning Learning
  22. B2B Marketing Zone
  23. StartupRoar
  24. Frugal Focus
  25. Community and Networks Connection
  26. Mobile Learning Update
  27. Southern California Tech Central
  28. Working Smarter Daily
  29. Entertainment and Media Law
  30. Nonprofit Marketing Zone
  31. Nonprofit Tech
  32. HR Tech Central
  33. Speaking Pro Central
  34. Animal Rights Zone
  35. Frugal Fashion Focus
  36. Green Life Buzz
  37. New York Wine
  38. Career Digital
  39. Assistant Edge
  40. EV Driven