Value of an Aggregage Content Community

We’re about content – the best and most engaging content on a given topic.

To make our sites valuable to everyone in the community – readers, content creators, trade associations, marketers  – there are a handful of important points about our sites:

High Quality Content – The goal of our content communities is to provide the highest quality destination that highlights the most recent and best content as defined by the community.  Reflecting the desires of today’s readers that content focuses on analysis, opinion and thought leadership; we do not rehash press releases.

Easy to Navigate – Our end users are most often not regular readers of blogs or other online sources.  They come to the content community to easily find information on the specific topics that interest them.  We not only make it easy to find the content each reader is interested in, but we offer links to the sources themselves for even more information.

Wide Variety of Sources – No two subjects are the same.  The relevant web sites, thought leaders and information sources are always different.  Our editors hunt down all the relevant information for a given topic, and then we present it to the interested community.  That community then decides which content gets the highest priority, but in all subjects, we include everything that is relevant.

Audience Curation – Our readers know what’s best.  Rather than turn over editorial power to a few individuals, we observe and analyze the social media signals of our audience members to prioritize what is the best content for each community.  That content then rises to the top of the community so that the community’s readers are easily aware of what’s most important at the moment.

Keywords – To make it easy to find information on a specific topic within our sites, our content communities are organized according to keywords.  The reader just clicks onto the desired keywords and the associated content is then displayed.

Personalized Newsletters – The same technology we use to enable keyword searches is used to create newsletter versions of our communities that are personalized for each reader.  Utilizing an easy-to-use interface, a reader communicates which topics within the community’s specific topic focus are of greatest personal importance, and then selects how often – daily, weekly, monthly – he or she wants to receive their personalized newsletters. 

Advertising – Nobody likes advertising…unless it’s relevant.  Companies providing services and products in a specific area are just as important for readers to know about as the content on our sites.  We keep marketers messages to a minimum, but we always make it relevant to the site’s topic.  Our principal focus in advertising are sponsors and we welcome all enquiries from interested sponsors.  Contact us at