Personalized Newsletters

We recently launched what we believe is a game changer:

Personalized Newsletters

What do we mean by that?  As always it is our goal to deliver the most relevant content to each of you, our readers, from every high-quality content source in your field.  For years we have been doing  just that on our online communities, now we are doing it in an even more personalized way in a newsletter version of our content  communities.

This probably sounds too good to be true, so let’s explain what we are doing.

First, we find high quality content.

Curators are in charge of maintaining a high quality Content Base: the collection of all articles, posts, white papers, webinars, etc. that exist on a specific topic. Most of the content comes from on-going feeds from trade publications, magazines, high-quality thought leader blogs and other similar sources.  Curators also periodically find interesting articles that are added on a one-off basis into the Content Base.  Every once in a while, they remove a content item that doesn’t match our quality standards.   Occasionally, content is added when a significant number of audience members make us aware through their social media activity of a piece of content not in our system.

As you can imagine, this turns into a lot of content.  Fast.  And while it’s high quality content, it’s still a lot.  So our job is to figure out what is the best content for each and every reader.

Second, we use you, the audience, to identify the best content.

The great thing about social systems like Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious, Facebook. etc. is that we can watch what’s happening on these systems.  Our platform is constantly monitoring both registered users and people who are topically relevant based on their past activity.  We use the activity of the audience to:

  • Identify content that has been found to be interesting by the audience.  In other words, pieces of content that have high social signals as compared to a baseline suggest that the content is good stuff.
  • Determine which pieces of content for any given community is of the most importance to audience members at that point in time.  We use these same social signals to rank content.  The content with the highest social signals moves to the top of the community.  The content is continually curated with the idea of always providing the most relevant, engaging and timely information.

Third, we find what interests you.

When you register, you provide your Twitter and LinkedIn information.  We then begin to monitor your social media activity to see what you share, like, bookmark, etc.  This will tell us what you are likely to find interesting.  Additionally you can also utilize our easy-to-use interface to identify specific topics that are of the greatest interest to you.  We also pay attention to other people who are signalling similar things and have similar interests.  These individuals are considered to be “like” you.  Over time our understanding of your interests and the interest of people like you improves.

Finally, every day and every week, we analyze all that great content in our system to find those pieces of content that interest you the most.  Then we send you a personalized newsletter that includes that content.  You can receive a newsletter on daily, weekly and/or monthly basis.

As we  said, we are gathering a ton of great content into the system.  Network wide there are well over 1 million pieces of content in our system.  But the good news is that we can combine three pieces of information to figure out what is most interesting to you:

  • Social signal score – are people in the audience finding it interesting
  • Topic match – does it match up with your interests
  • Like sharing – are individuals who are like you sharing this

The result is something that we believe is unmatched.  It’s the very best content captured together and delivered to you every day, week and/or month based on your choice.

Try it and let us know what you think.  You can subscribe at: