Trade Associations and Professional Societies

As a trade association or professional society you seek to create as much community interaction among your members as possible. You also want to be the go-to resource when it comes to information relevant to your members. Aggregage can be a key partner in meeting both goals.

Our topic-centered sites/newsletters aggregate and curate the most engaging content available online around your specific industry vertical. Your members are our readers. And some of our readers are not your members – but should be. Our readers want the best information, updated continually, about their industry. And they are looking for it in one convenient location. 

Even within an industry not all readers have the same needs. Our auto-curation and personalization platforms filter the industry’s content to bring each and every reader the most relevant for his or her needs. And we don’t decide on what’s most relevant, the reader’s industry peers do that through their social media usage.

All of this helps any trade association or society meet the desires of its members in the following ways:

  • Increase relevant information gathering and distribution for its members’ benefit
  • Create an open information exchange that enables members to decide which content has the most merit
  • Provide a social media driven forum that members can use to further their own business

Our partnership program with trade associations not only helps you bring more value to your members, but it benefits the association itself in several ways:

  • Opens up a new communications channel to members to reinforce the association’s brand and value
  • Gain exposure to potential new members from the site’s readership that extends beyond association members
  • Increase non-dues revenues

Ours is a true partner program. There’s no cost to the association.

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