Who Uses Aggregage?

Trade Associations and Professional Societies

If you are a trade association or professional society looking to increase the value you provide your members, partnering with Aggregage to create a topic community specific to the interests of your members is a winning idea. You will not only be a key part of a site and newsletter that provides the most relevant content from key thought leaders, but you will expose your association to a much larger audience who are your future members.   The content on our sites is not aggregated news items rehashed from press releases; it is in-depth analysis, information and opinion created by thought leaders in your industry.  We present thoughtful content written by industry experts, not news briefs written by hired guns.  The audience curates the content, not “domain experts”.  Our industry-focused sites/newsletters are more than information sources; they are community forums.

Our program with trade associations and professional societies is a true partner program. 


 If you are an organization looking for effective ways to market your product or service, we create a community around a topic directly linked to your industry, and then deploy your logos/ads/blogs/marketing materials on that community. This generates many types of value for your business: high-quality leads, improved reputation, SEO benefits, and blogger relations, among other things. Out of all the channels they use, marketing on our site is most often the best value marketing program of for our sponsors.


 If you are a blogger, contact us to add your blog to one of the existing communities. This will yield many benefits – new readers, extra traffic, increased Google visibility, and social proof effects stemming from the fact that your blog will be listed among a wide range of the top bloggers in the space. Of course, all of this is free. The only thing we ask in return is that you add a small widget and announce your inclusion in a post.


If you like to read stuff online, our sites will help you get all the very best information on the given topic of interest to you, conveniently organized by keywords. You no longer have to manually go from blog to blog to find the info you want, nor do you have to spend time looking for the best blogs to add to your RSS reader.  And the content on our sites is curated by your peers.  We look to see what our audience is reading and responding to positively in their social media activity.  We then use this data to auto-curate each and every site so that the information that the audience deems most interesting and relevant is always at the top.  For even more value, sign up for our personalized newsletter.   We deliver to you a newsletter containing only the pieces within the given topic that really are of interest to you.