As a Marketing Professional (B2B or B2C), your job is to reach your audience in the most efficient way possible so that you can maximize your marketing dollars.  Aggregage is the best way to reach that audience and cost-effectively generate leads.

Our topic-centered sites/newsletters aggregate the most engaging content available online around your specific market segment. Our readers are your audience.  They are looking for the latest information about their industry, and they are looking for it in one convenient location. We provide them with this location, and leverage it to create value for you – our marketing partner.



Connecting with our readers makes your job easier.  Working with us brings you a lot of value, including:

  • Getting to your industry-specific audience
  • Building brand awareness for your company and products
  • Getting your brand, message, and company content in front of people using search engines in the most efficient way possible
  • Building credibility with your audience through association with industry experts
  • Being seen as an innovative company that is closely tied to the newest trends in the industry
  • And above all else, generate high-quality, cost-effective sales leads

Site Sponsors and Advertisers

There are a number of ways to work with our topic-specific sites.  Most commonly, our marketing partners either sponsor a specific site and newsletter, or take advantage of one or more of our advertising programs.

As an annual site/newsletter sponsor, your company’s name will be co-branded with the site itself and your brand and messaging will be used on every page throughout the site and newsletter.  Sponsorship includes:

  • Sponsorship messaging includes prominent placement of your company and product information
  • Prominent placement of links to your corporate web site, or destination of your choice
  • Inclusion in e-mails to the site’s subscribers
  • Close relationships with key industry bloggers and content creators who will get to know your company better and include it more often in their blogs than they otherwise would
  • A regular flow of content of top-quality content directly related to your industry. We can automatically stream this content to your newsletters, Twitter, Facebook and other accounts
  • Inclusion of your own corporate blog – resulting in extra traffic, more exposure, and improved reputation of your blog and your business
  • Organization of your company’s scattered content into a meaningful product
  • A regular flow of content for your use in company newsletters, etc.

Our sponsors move into the spotlight.  They are at the center of industry conversation.

But brand recognition is not the most important thing you’ll gain from working with an Aggregage topic site.  It’s eyeballs.

Last month one of our sponsors gained the following:

  • Over 42,000 page views
  • That included over 20,000 unique visitors exposed to his brand primarily coming to the site through search engines
  • Over 2,800 click-throughs to the corporate web site
  • And most importantly, 400 new sales leads

Because the traffic for each site and newsletter continues to grow each month, those numbers will improve.  For this sponsor, the Aggregage site represents the lowest cost and best return marketing channel.  For this sponsor, this meant he not only got the sales leads, he was looking for, but he was able to reduce his paid search expenditure as well.

For more information on becoming a site sponsor or advertiser, contact

Lead Generation

We are looking for B2B marketers in any vertical that have content marketing materials (white paper, recorded webinars, etc.) and want to turn that into leads.  We have a proven method for reaching your audience, getting your content in front of them, and ultimately turning them into leads.

If you are interested in working with us on a lead generation program for your company, contact us at: