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Partnering with Aggregage has led to increased, natural, link popularity and exposure/traffic to posts on our blog. We love sharing our content to the masses, and Aggregage certainly helps us in that respect.

 – Mark Jackson, President/CEO Vizion InteractiveThe Vizion Search Engine Optimization Blog

Bloggers are an important part of the ecosystem, and we treat you as such.  We never scrape and take your content.  We build relationships with industry thought leader bloggers and feed your content into our system so that it can be presented to the right audience.  Aggregage benefits you in a number of important ways:

  • Network Identity.  Bloggers most often have a network of fellow bloggers who write about similar topics.  However, this network is not understood to people who are not regular readers.  An Aggregage content community helps new visitors identify members of that network so that they can understand who are the key thought leaders in the given industry.
  • Traffic Generation.  Aggregage only displays content snippets.  Our goal is to push traffic back out to the bloggers in the network.  Most bloggers who participate in one of our content communities find that it becomes one of their top referral sources.

G-Cube’s blog got listed on about 2 years ago, and eLL has been one of the top 3 referral traffic contributors to our blog ever since. Traffic dramatically increases whenever our blog gets listed in the top 5 articles in the summary email that goes out to eLL’s registered audience.

 – Manish Gupta, CEO G-Cube 


  • “No Comment”.  Aggregage does not provide commenting capability to its readers.  We send our readers back to the original post to make their comments.
  • Automated Organization.  One key challenge for bloggers is keeping tags/labels/categories up to date.  The Aggregage keyword widget provides a means of automatically and effortlessly organizing and tagging content.
  • Long Tail SEO.  An individual blogger has to choose one title and URL even if they write posts that cover several topics.  The title and URL are incredibly important for SEO, but having only a single shot makes it hard to do it right.  Because the Aggregage topic sites/newsletters include content from many sources, we organize that content to display the best stuff from across the network.  This works for searchers.  For the blogger who writes a good quality post on a site that has high social signals, it will be available to searchers using a variety of keywords.  There really is no effective way to do this as an individual.
  • Low Page Rank and Keyword Terms Only.  Aggregage is about creating traffic for bloggers – not about stealing it.  Pages are organized according to keywords and therefore it is unlikely that there is a page with a similar title to your post.  The typical aggregator creates a page with exactly your title.  Aggregage does not. In practice, bloggers in our networks report that they receive a significant net increase in traffic.  The traditional conflicts with aggregators do not occur with the Aggregage approach.
  • Keyword Widget Signals A Blogger’s Topics. The keywords shown in the widget for every individual blogger are based on the frequency with which they blog about that topic as compared to other bloggers.  This makes the keywords indicative of the specific topics that each blogger talks about.
  • Participation Is Simple.  You can become a part of an Aggregage content community quickly and seamlessly.

 Being on the front page of eLearning Learning has helped make my “13 Resolutions for Professional Development in 2013” a rousing success.  The eLearning Learning site is consistently a solid referrer to my blog.  Thanks for all your help.   

Catherine Lombardozzi, Ed.D., Blogger, Learning 4 Learning Professionals