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FAQ About Importing Articles

Do we share your blog articles on one (or more) of our sites? Do need help with something related to our sites? Here are some frequently asked questions that may help with the issue that you’re having. If you don’t see your question answered here, please reach out to

Why aren’t my articles importing?

In order for your articles to show up on our sites, they need to be on the RSS feed that you supplied us. Please check the RSS feed that you have provided us to find the articles that you’d like us to be sharing. If you see the articles in the feed, or you’re not sure what the feed is, please contact us.

Why don’t my articles have the correct images?

If you’re using a WordPress blog, make sure you have an image other than a Featured Image, and that the image you want to show up isn’t a Featured Image.

Make sure the article itself has an image. If the article does not have an image in it, then our importer will look for the largest image it can find on the page.

Speaking of which, making sure the desired image is the largest image file on the page is a good way to ensure that it is the image that our importer chooses.

Why aren’t my articles showing the correct string of text (snippet)?

Your RSS feed may not contain a string of text for our importer to use. If you take a look at the feed by going to the URL, we’re looking for text in between the tags. Make sure you are using a Complete RSS feed, rather than a Partial feed. For more information about Complete and Partial RSS feeds, click here.

Why am I seeing articles imported on your site that I don’t want to import?

Our importer will import all articles that are in the RSS feed you provide us. If you only want a certain set of articles to show up, set up a category tag in your blog and provide us with the RSS feed for that tag. Most blogging systems like WordPress and Blogspot will allow you to set up categories for your articles.

I can’t find my articles on the site. How can I see them?

They are there! However, we have several hundred sources on each site, so sometimes it can be hard to spot your articles, we get it. You can find a page with your articles any time by adding /?source=(your blog’s name) to the site URL. So, the final URL would look something like:

Note that if there are any spaces in your blog’s name, those will be separated by a dash in the URL. If you have any special characters in your blog’s name (like an &), those will be typed up as their HTML code. Click here to learn more about HTML codes for special characters.