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Judge Spotlight: 2018 Human Resources Today MVP Awards

Name: Ben Eubanks

Check it out: Ben’s new book, Artificial Intelligence for HR, is available for pre-order here. It’s a masterclass in AI applications for HR!

What do you do, and what is your favorite part of your job? 

I’m the Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research, which really means I’m a data geek. I love learning about what high-performing companies do differently from the rest in terms of technology, innovation, and strategy. I support employers with advisory around talent and learning strategy and also with technology selection.

How did you get started in HR? 

Unlike many people in the industry, I actually CHOSE to be in HR. I got a degree in HR and immediately went into the field doing the “grunt work” for a nonprofit locally. I learned the HR ropes from the ground up and it was a an interesting experience to say the least!

What’s a notable trend in HR that you’re seeing lately? 

Definitely more awareness around artificial intelligence and what it could mean for the workplace. I’m writing a book on the impact of AI on the HR profession and exploring the technologies and advancements, but more importantly I’m highlighting the actual skills that will future-proof HR leaders in an increasingly automated workplace. More about the book here:

What’s your hidden talent?

Hidden talent? I can walk on my hands! I taught myself when I was a wrestler in high school and still practice occasionally to make sure I still have it.