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Judge Spotlight: The 2018 Sales Pro Central MVP Awards

Name: Russ Hornfisher

What do you do, and what is your favorite part of your job?

Sales Management, and my favorite part of the job is training and developing sales people. Even more fun is identifying sales leadership then building upon natural skills.

How did you get started in sales? 

Totally by mistake, I signed up for a interview to practice interview skills not interested in the job until I was offered that job.

What makes you a qualified judge of Sales MVPs?

40+ years of sales experience. 35+ years sales training and/or sales management.

What’s a notable trend in sales that you’re seeing lately? 

New nomenclature, sounding very high tech and trendy, but they describe the same old behavior and  same old results . The most important skill for a sales person to possess is turning the door knob each morning leaving the comforts of home or office to persist when repeatedly faced with resistence.

What’s an interesting book that you’ve read recently? 

New book “Top Dog” by Bronson; Old book ” Yes Syndrome” by Don Beverage.