Aggregage is the Next Generation of Business Media

Aggregage creates communities around specific topics like eLearning, B2B Marketing, and Social Media.  These publications contain great content from industry thought leaders, white papers, and other sources.  This content is then filtered according to social signals so that only the best content makes it to the top.

Readers Determine the Best Content

Let’s admit it – current business publications are becoming thinner at a time when there’s an ever increasing amount of information to keep up with.  But it’s hard to stay up-to-speed given all the different sources of great content.  Aggregage editors find the best content about your industry, and then let the action of the crowd filter that great content to form the best Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual editions for that topic.  You are guaranteed to find nuggets every time you read.  More about the Value to Readers.

New Marketing Channel

As a marketing professional, your job is to reach your audience in the most efficient way possible so that you can maximize your marketing dollars.  Aggregage represents a new channel that provides you the opportunity to reach not only your buyers but also to reach influencers.  You can put yourself in the center of the conversation.

More about the Value to Marketers.