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Graphics in Articles

The importance of images

So you’ve set your RSS feed to be a Full feed as opposed to a Partial feed, making sure the full article and images are included. Why include images?

People like pictures! Images help let a reader know what your article is about. A high quality image can draw a reader in and catch their eye from a busy page. Articles with images are more likely to be clicked on, shared on social media, and remembered. Once your article is opened, images can be explanatory and help readers understand your concepts or visualize examples.

So, if you’re using WordPress, there’s just one more detail to cover…

 Setting features images in WordPress

If you use WordPress, your Featured Image (or thumbnail)  is what will show up on our site as a thumbnail image. You want to make this image compelling – it’s what readers will first see!  

However, WordPress has its idiosyncrasies. If you only have a Featured Image, and no embedded images, your RSS feed won’t show the Featured Image. Yes, even after you went through the trouble of setting your Full RSS feed.

One of the simplest ways to get around this problem is just to make sure you’ve also embedded your Featured Image, so it shows up in the article. Or, embed a different image.

If that solution doesn’t work for you, there are some work-arounds.  How to make sure your Featured Image shows up in your RSS feed.