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Assistant Editor – Entry-Level, In-House

Aggregage is building the next generation of B2B media and marketing. We launch business segment specific sites that bring together the widest content set from industry thought-leaders and use social media, machine intelligence/smart algorithms and big data personalization to compile newsletters with the most relevant content for each and every reader. Using our proprietary technology platform, we curate and rank hundreds of pieces of content coming daily into each site using the audience’s social media signals. Our technology personalizes the content so that each reader sees the most interesting and relevant content. We have launched over 35 sites and using our highly scalable platform, we are planning to launch hundreds more.

Come join an experienced and successful group of founders – Clicker, eHarmony, etc. – and their team at this groundbreaking time. We are profitable and capitalized for growth over the next several years. Our billion dollar potential is based on a real business model, not just hope and dreams.

We are looking for an assistant editor to help curate online publications in a variety of industries as part of the editorial team. Ideally, you will be excited to learn a little about these industries and the professionals who will be our readers. You won’t know how to do the specific kinds of tasks that will be required, so we want a team-player who is excited to learn and wants to help us grow and scale the business.

Job Responsibilities

Working as part of a small team, you will take on a variety of important tasks for the company. This includes:

  • Advertiser and Partner Research – As we launch and operate sites, we need to find potential partners and advertisers. You will be responsible for searching for companies who are potential advertisers, finding names and emails of appropriate contacts, working in our CRM system, coordinating with Sales and Partner Development, and running reports. Research may also include telephone and email communication with potential advertisers to have them include their content on our sites/newsletters. This includes presenting the specific site, benefits of working with the site, and details of implementing the relationship. These activities make a critical part of the business because they ultimately lead to launching sites and generating revenue.
  • Social Media Marketing – Our sites have a social media presence. Your role will be to help grow our reach by following and engaging with appropriate individuals, monitoring activity, finding new opportunities to leverage social media, and reporting on effectiveness.  
  • Content Research and Site Setup – As we launch new sites and improve existing sites, you take a central role in pulling together content sources that will make up the site. This includes searching for good content sources for a professional audience, evaluating basic quality of the content, setting up content sources in the system, making sure they work correctly, reviewing results and see if content needs to be tweaked, reaching out to bloggers through email to get them to participate in the site, and responding to blogger questions through email.
  • Webinar Research and Setup – Some of our sites incorporate webinars, and we are looking to expand that number. Your role may include finding and contacting potential webinar presenters, evaluating their fit with the editorial theme of webinar and sponsor interests, managing/ scheduling the calendar for webinars and online events, and preparing presenters by collecting, reviewing, editing, rehearsing and disseminating webinar presentation material. May also include creating and/or editing PowerPoint presentations and acting as the webinar moderator, as well as reporting post-webinar logistics and posting the recorded webinar.
  • Advertising Setup – You will upload ad content into the system, set up ads in emails, test that they are working correctly, send out test emails, and fix any issues.

We are looking for individuals who will be able to learn how to do these tasks efficiently, can be self-directed, and can work well with the broader team to scale up these activities.

Job Qualifications

We are looking for people who have the following skills and abilities:

  • Good reading, writing and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to quickly understand basics of an industry or job function. Must be able to quickly learn what topics and content will interest readers.
  • Attention to detail (understand details of work, perform detailed tasks, verify work, proofread)
  • Good Google search skills
  • Basic skills in Excel, MS Word, Google Sheets and Google Docs
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Ability and orientation to manage multiple tasks, prioritization, communication about those tasks


You must:

  • Be organized, accountable, responsible, and strong individual contributor who works well with minimal supervision
  • Be self-motivated, self-reliant, resourceful, and communicative. You speak up, respectfully, when you see an opportunity to try things in a different way to support business objectives
  • Have legal right to work in the U.S.


Ideally, candidates will also have the following knowledge, skills and abilities, but these are not required:

  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • Basic understanding of Social Media
  • Basic graphic manipulation – scaling, cropping
  • Writing and editing titles, descriptions, subject lines, email body copy that will help get clicks and conversions.

The ideal candidate will be able to grow their responsibilities in the company as we scale up the team.  


Interested candidates should contact:
Shelley Trout, Manager, Editorial Team