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Spam Score

We don’t want article titles and snippets that might get caught in spam filters

If you write a post that does well with our readers, then we’ll include your title and snippet in emails to our readers. In order to make sure those emails make it to the readers, we avoid any content that might trip a spam filter.

You may also be sending your content to people through email, so making sure it doesn’t trigger spam filters is good practice.

What is spam filter

Spam filters are programs that look for unsolicited or unwanted email. We use a third-party tool to check spam scores of every title and snippet.  Words and phrases like:

  • Accept credit cards
  • Free
  • Compare rates

And many other Common Spam Phrases and the Ultimate List of Spam Phrases.

If you get a spam warning

If you get a spam warning, two things will happen.

  • We won’t include your article in our newsletter for that day. We want our readers to receive their newsletters.  
  • We’ll let you know and tell you it needs to be changed. It’s important you change it, because even if it got taken out of our daily newsletter, we still have the weekly, and the monthly, and the yearly…you get the deal.

You should use a spam checking tool such as: