Editor / Producer – Job Opening at Great Company in El Segundo – Full-Time, In-House

Aggregage is the building the next generation of B2B media and marketing.  We use social media, intelligence/smart algorithms and big data personalization to deliver the most relevant content for each and every reader.  We do this by launching business segment specific sites that bring together the widest content set from industry thought leaders.  Using our proprietary technology platform, we curate and rank the hundreds of pieces of content coming each week into each site using the audience’s social media signals.  Our technology personalizes the content so that each reader sees the most interesting and relevant content.  We have launched over 35 sites and using our highly scalable platform, we are planning to launch hundreds more.

Come join an experienced and successful group of founders — Clicker, eHarmony, etc. – and their team at this groundbreaking time.  We are profitable and capitalized for growth over the next several years.  Our billion dollar potential is based on a real business model, not just hope and dreams.  Our small team is going to do big things.

We are looking for an editor/producer who can take a leading role across many different new and existing sites to help grow and groom content, and produce webinars with industry thought leaders.  The ideal person will be a team player who is interested in helping define and grow the company.  And because this is a new kind of company, we believe that the best candidate may not have the most experience with all of the specific work that makes up the job, but will be excited to grow, help create something great, and help us scale the business.

Job Responsibilities

This role will take the content/editorial/producer lead across many vertically focused sites, e.g., Business Innovation, eLearning, Human Resources, Supply Chain.  In this role, you will communicate with thought leaders to get their content included in our sites/newsletters.  You will work with those same thought leaders and with sponsors to create and produce webinars and webinar series that will attract and engage the audience.

Specific duties include:

  • Telephone and email communication with thought leaders to have them include their content on our sites/newsletters. This includes presenting the specific site, benefits of working with the site, and details of implementing the relationship.
  • Find and contact potential webinar presenters (speakers), evaluate and understand their fit with editorial theme of webinar and sponsor interests, discuss how their content could be made to fit into the editorial theme of the webinars and ultimately line up a great set of speakers for the webinars.
  • Manage scheduling/calendar for webinars and online events.
  • Prepare presenters by collecting, reviewing, editing, rehearsing and disseminating webinar presentation material. May include creating and/or editing PowerPoint presentations.  Upload the final presentation after review to ensure that all slides are correct.  May also include acting as the webinar moderator.
  • Coordinate technology vendor interaction and serve as the liaison between company, vendor, speakers, sponsors and sales to ensure that expectations are met, and questions are answered.
  • Write and edit emails, registration form, and campaign assets.
  • Report on progress of existing registration campaigns and continually optimize processes and tactics.
  • Coordinate post-webinar logistics, including getting lead lists, posting recorded webinar, and curating Q&A for the content team.
  • Prepare key webinar metrics for sponsors, presenters and internal teams.
  • Ensure that all projects meet time and budget parameters while delivering high-quality content.

Job Qualifications

We are looking for people who have the following skills and abilities:

  • Ability to quickly understand new content verticals. Must be able to quickly learn what topics and content will interest readers.  Help shape the content in webinars by working closely with thought leaders on their content.
  • Three years plus of relevant experience demonstrating the needed skillset. Industry experience in online content, journalism, marketing services/advertising, consulting would be relevant.
  • Four year degree in business administration, marketing, English, journalism or related field.
  • Strong reading, writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Proficiency in full Office suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Attention to detail (understand details of work, perform detailed tasks, verify work).
  • Organized, accountable, responsible, and strong individual contributor who works well with minimal supervision.
  • Self-motivated, self-reliant, resourceful, and communicative. You speak up, respectfully, when you see an opportunity to try things in a different way to support business objectives.
  • Ability and orientation to manage multiple tasks, prioritization, communication about those tasks

While not required, ideal candidates would have some experience with:

  • Planning, managing, executing and measuring in-person professional events or (even better) online/virtual events such as webinars/webcasts.
  • Operating web-platforms for delivering webcasts, e.g., Webex, GotoWebinar, etc.
  • Using a CRM (e.g., SalesForce) to main contacts for outreach.
  • Writing and editing titles, descriptions, subject lines, email body copy that will help get clicks and conversions.

The ideal candidate will be able to grow their responsibilities in the company as we scale up the team.


Interested candidates should contact:

Robert Flynn, Co-Founder & CEO