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Submit A Topic

We’d love to hear your ideas on subject topics that you find interesting.  Remember we’re focused on targeted segments of the B2B world.  Let our editors know as much about your suggestion as possible.  Information such as the topic, companies in the segment, bloggers who are already covering the industry are all important to us.  Maybe you think one of our existing topic sites could be broken up into one or more pieces, let us know that as well.

Send your suggestion to

Help Us Launch A New Topic Site

We think we know a lot about the topics we cover, but we know that our readers also know quite a bit about them too.  You may have ideas about the topics that we’re about to launch.  If you’re interested in helping us create a new site or manage an existing site, please contact us.

Send your ideas to

Suggest A Blog

We know a lot of bloggers, but we don’t know them all.

Think there’s a blogger that would add to one of our topic sites.  Please let us know.

Send your suggestions to  Make sure you let us know which one of our sites you are suggesting a blogger for.  And let us know where we can find that blogger.

Sponsor A Site

You understand that being part of a topic specific site is a great way to connect with the audience you are trying to get your company’s message out to.  But you are wondering why we don’t cover your company’s industry and also how you could be involved if we did launch a topic site in your industry.

There are a number of ways to work with our topic-specific sites.  Most commonly, our marketing partners either sponsor a specific site, or take advantage of one or more of our advertising programs.

As an annual sponsor, your company’s name will be co-branded with the site and personalized newsletter with your brand and messaging used on every page.  So there’s no conflict, there is only one sponsor per site/newsletter. Sponsorship includes:

  • Prominent placement of your company, brand and product information
  • Prominent placement of company press releases
  • Prominent placement of links to your corporate web site, or destination of your choice
  • Inclusion in e-mails to the site’s subscribers
  • Close relationships with key industry bloggers and content creators who will get to know your company better and include it more often in their blogs than they otherwise would
  • Organization of your company’s scattered content into a meaningful product
  • A regular flow of content for your use in company newsletters, etc.

With only one annual sponsor per topic specific site/newsletter, our sponsors move into the spotlight.  They are at the center of industry conversation.

But brand recognition is not the most important thing you’ll gain from working with an Aggregage topic site.  It’s eyeballs.

Last month one of our sponsors gained the following:

  • Over 42,000 page views
  • That included over 20,000 unique visitors exposed to his brand primarily coming to the site through search engines
  • Over 1,800 click-throughs to the corporate web site
  • And most importantly, 75 new sales leads

Because the traffic on our sites and newsletters grows each month, those numbers will improve.  For this sponsor, the Aggregage sponsorship represents the lowest cost and best return marketing channel.  For this sponsor, this meant he not only got the sales leads, he was looking for, but he was able to reduce his paid search expenditure as well.

For more information on becoming a site sponsor or advertiser, contact